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We convene stakeholders in our Networks for a series of virtual and in-person roundtables. These discussions, supported by wider evidence gathering, form the basis of our Network Reports, which centre around the realisation of the 10 missions that have been recommended by the Net Zero Review.  

Each report to looks at how the economic potential of decarbonisation can revolutionise our future, offering not just sustainability, but prosperity. 

You can download our reports for free.  Please share them with others who may be interested in our recommendations.

You can request the reports in a larger font by emailing  

Zero In: Accelerating Local Climate Action

This report, in collaboration with UK100, highlights the vital role local authorities must play in accelerating the UK’s transition to Net Zero through locally tailored climate action. It also addresses the need for an empowering framework of support from central Government – one that combines long-term funding, strengthened powers and a shared commitment to collaborative placemaking. 


Building the Future: Lessons for a Buildings Breakthrough

This report highlights the need to take immediate action to ensure that we have the sustainable policy frameworks in place to give certainty to an industry to build net zero buildings that undoubtedly will still be in place by 2050 and into 2100 and the opportunity for the UK to become an international leader in zero carbon new-build construction and design. 

Mission Zero 2024: a speech from Chris Skidmore

Chris Skidmore delivers his first speech since stepping down as a Member of Parliament in January 2024. He sets out a vision for 2024, a year that has the potential to be one of the most important years facing any policy maker or politician dedicated to making the energy transition happen.

The Industrial Mission Zero Network

This report is the product of the discussions of the Industrial Network and is intended to highlight the need for why industrial decarbonisation not only matters, but is essential for delivering net zero not only by 2050, but the UK’s National Determined Contribution of 68% emissions reduction by 2030.

History of the COP

A Brief History of the United Nations Climate Change Conferences since 1995 and key agreements, negotiation successes and breakdowns, post-summit action, and sentiment.

The Local Mission Zero Network

Empowering greater local decision making must be central to UK climate action. This report follows on from the Net Zero Local Big Bang mission presented in the Net Zero Review. 

The Buildings Mission Zero Network

Decarbonising our built environment, as the Net Zero Review set out, remains one of the greatest challenges to Britain hitting Net Zero. The Mission Retrofit report is the first of two reports that will focus specifically on decarbonising existing buildings, with a second report to be published in December.

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