Power Mission Zero Network

What is the Power Mission Zero Network?

The Power Mission Zero Network will comprise of stakeholders from the grid and infrastructure, solar, onshore wind and nuclear sectors. The overarching theme of the network is ‘the future energy system to deliver net zero’ when considering power generation as a holistic issue. 

Our Power Mission Zero Network explained

Solar panels and wind farm - This Mission Zero report recommended ten, 10-year missions that are integral to achieving net zero by 2025, and that should be committed to by the UK government to deliver on emissions reduction targets.

Given the scope of this broad theme, three topic areas are covered in this network: 

  • Net Zero baseload power 
  • Variable power generation, energy storage and dispatchability 
  • The overall market structure, system structure and infrastructure challenges 

This allows for cross-mission thinking and practical and credible solutions to be presented, as well as diagnosis of the key blockers to progress. It also means that all generators and related stakeholders can be involved and contribute to the findings and output from the Network, rather than just focusing on their own sector/area. 

A key benefit for Members of this Network is the opportunity to connect and collaborate across different types of generator markets and industry bodies, to ensure delivery of an efficient, cost effective and low carbon power generation system. 

The report from this Network will provide a high level, overarching vision for the future energy mix, combined with delivery recommendations.  It will also identify the solutions that each of the different generation types and their markets require, aligned with the four relevant missions in the Mission Review which this Network encompasses – Nuclear, Grid, Solar and Wind.  

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